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The Hillsboro Club

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Children have their own special place at Hillsboro. Nana’s Cottage and the playground are the center of the children’s program, a fully-supervised schedule of daily activities that bring all the children together. A typical day includes arts and crafts sessions, stories, indoor and outdoor games, and a movie in the evening.

Along the way, there is a morning snack time, a children’s afternoon tea and also a children’s dinner with its own menu. Of course, with the children happily off with their friends, parents can have a little more time to themselves. Surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, and beach volleyball are among a full schedule of fun activities for older children to enjoy and meet others their own age.

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Waves Surf Academy - Hillsbro club

*Program offered for Hillsboro Club Members & Members Guests only.

The Hillsboro Club

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